Clinical Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Therapy

Understanding, Assessing and Treating over 70 Conditions

At 1178 pages, it is extensively researched (over 650 citation in the bibliography), with an index and over 300 illustrations. Therapists and reviewers have found the information readable and easily accessible.

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About the book

While few practitioners have only one book on their bookshelf, people have described this text as the ultimate one-stop reference guide for treatment. It covers not only the pathology and anatomy, but also the assessment protocols you need, plus actual treatment plans and client self-care tips for the 70 different conditions listed.


“Most of what I need is simple, concise information that I can immediately apply to my treatments. This is certainly what I found. The format, specifically layout, type and illustrations, make the book very accessible visually. The font is easily readable with lots of space and highlighted essential concepts. First there is a definition of the pathology, then a detailed description followed by a symptom picture, objective information, special tests, treatment plan, general and specific goals and a patient self-care plan and goals. This is followed by treatment frequency and expected outcomes. Basically, no bone is left unturned!

…Clinical Massage Therapy is a fabulous addition to the knowledge base of our profession—everyone should have a copy.”

BC Massage Practitioner Review
Review by Scott Larke, RMT

“…Extensively researched, the book’s treatment sections are organized around treatment guidelines (including boundaries, assessment, self-care), foundations (including stress reductions, pregnancy, edema), and five strategies pertaining to various conditions (inflammatory process, overuse injuries, fascial and muscle imbalances, central nervous system conditions, crush and severance injuries to peripheral nerves).

…The five appendices include orthopedic assessment, visceral pain patterns, and skin pathologies. I cannot think of anything that was left out of this massive reference work, and I think that every massage therapist who owns a copy will refer to it almost every day.”

Massage Therapy Journal Book Review
Review by Lisa Mertz

“I believe students reading this textbook would view their chosen profession with pride and a sense that they are embarking on a career that is not only scientific, but also has heart. The effects of massage therapy are clearly outlined for the body systems and for individual conditions. Techniques are clearly explained and illustrated in both Swedish and non-Swedish traditions. … I was sold on the textbook when I read the sections devoted to establishing guidelines treatment. The authors discuss boundaries in a straightforward and honest manner.

…This text is well worth the money and I recommend you consider incorporating it into your curriculum.”

Council Communicator Review
Review by Lynn Zimmerman. Owner/Director, A SpiriTouch Institute


“I would recommend this book to any massage therapist, from those who are fresh out of school to the professional with years of experience \u2212 all would find this to be the essential clinical massage reference book.”
MT, Louisiana
“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and more…I’ve taken more than 70 CEUs in the last 6 months and the best find so far is between these pages…This manual has given me the tools I’ve been looking for…you can’t beat a hard copy reference.”
MT, Florida
“Your textbook will fit perfectly into the second year of [our] course [in] therapeutic massage in South Africa.”
JH, Cape Massage Academy, South Africa
“Thanks for the [wonderful] book. Have you considered translating [it] into Norwegian?”
Headmaster, Norwegian Massage Association
“During the past semester we have utilized the above text sent as a complementary reference and have found it to be an excellent guide for our anatomy/physiology students interested in bio-medical careers. The text is well organized and comprehensive. The illustrations are clear and helpful. This publication serves as an excellent addition to our program and is highly recommended.”
Professor, Passiac County College Science Dept.
“The book arrived yesterday afternoon. Needless to say I spent the evening going through it. My first impression is a very good one. My medical [training] was received in German and we use different names for some of the tests…Unfortunately, there is nothing similar available in the German language. It would be a good idea to have it translated. Thank you for your prompt delivery…”
J, Body and Soul Medical Massage, Frisbach, Germany

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Manual medicine and massage therapy are in a state of growth and change. Some information, ideas and approaches to treatment are in conflict - either real or apparent. New information about the body, treatment protocols, alternative and medical approaches and medications are constantly being reported. A variety of massage therapy approaches are possible for a given condition; in our work, we describe treatment plans as samples to use. These have proven effective based on research results, academic principles and clinical practice.

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